Itsy, Bitsy, Teenie, Weenie

When it comes to fashion I generally favour the old over the new, my ma always tells me I was born in the wrong decade.

My latest obsession is vintage beachwear. I’ve wanted my own high waisted two piece or 1930’s maillot style one piece for some time now.  I’d take any one of the three suits below please.

I’ve trawled the internet relentlessly but everything I’ve found is too expensive (I just can’t justify spending the guts of 100 euro on something I’ll only get to wear once a year at best)

The US Urban Outfitters site has a lovely basic black high waisted bottom with bandeau top two piece and a classic red and white polka dot halter one piece (neither suit features on the European UO site).

The  US Anthropologie site has my favourite two pieces. It’s European equivalent website doesn’t have a swimwear section at all which is pretty unfortunate. We like to swim and look fabulous in Europe too you know.

Since I don’t want to spend that much money on my swimsuit I’m left toying with the idea of making my own. There’s a good few vintage swimsuit patterns to be bought online.

I found the patterns pictured below here it’s a great little site for all kinds of vintage patterns.

(This pattern has inspired me to either make or buy a sleeveless shirt dress to wear on the beach)

So vintage patterns is another great site for sourcing vintage patterns. The majority of patterns I want are sold already but it’s fun to have a look through them all. Well at least I’m sad enough to find looking through loads of old sewing patterns fun.

(I love this 1960’s Mc Calls pattern)

If I was to make my own swimsuit I’ve really no idea where I’d buy suitable, water proof fabric or even if I have the skill to pull it off. I imagine that sewing small pieces of stretchy nylon together isn’t the easiest. However I think I’ll have to give it a go and see.

Must remember to book that sun holiday when I’m done.

– Saoirse


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