Cath Kidston

I’m always slightly surprised at how much good old-fashioned, natural scenery can change my mood. Whether it’s a good amble in the park, drive in the mountains or even a little sit in the back garden, without fail, I’m left feeling happier and more uplifted than before. And at the moment everything is in bloom and is especially lovely.

It’s no surprise that floral patterns are always so popular. Recently I had the pleasure to venture into Cath Kidston, a shop whose designs transfer the feel good cheerfulness of spring/summer-time flowers into their products and onto their customers.

(Image taken from Cath Kidston website.)

I was very satisfied browsing through the different sections of the shop, which ranged from home-wares to greeting cards, clothes, bags, purses, jewellery, fabric as well of a little bit of anything else you might think of. And I even managed to find some lovely badges. And for only €1.50!!

I also really liked the selection of postcards and greeting cards, of which I bought two at 50c each – bargain.

Kath Kidston stores can be found in Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin  and Kildare Village, check them out for yourself.


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