Dunnes is the new Penneys. Over the past few weeks the amount of quality bargains that myself and my friends have been finding in Dunnes, has been surprisingly impressive. Allow me to demonstrate:

Bargain no. 1: Nine pairs of earrings for €3. For a while now I’ve been really into round studs; I was very happy with this purchase.

Bargain no.2: Canvas runners for €4. I know runners aren’t exactly included the definition of stylish, but I quite liked these. They also are very comfortable.

Bargain no. 3: Navy jacket reduced to €10 from €20. I can’t begin to count the amount of compliments I’ve received since I started wearing this jacket. It’s a great length, and it has a belt which pulls in at the waist to give it a lovely shape. I really like the gold zip and buttons too, as well as the gold buttons at the wrists.

Bargain no. 4: Orange skirt for €15.This is a purchase that Saoirse (from Raindropsonkittens) made. She too has been receiving a substantial amount of compliments over this little number. The vibrant orange is quite unusual and adds a fantastic kick of colour to an outfit.

Looking like something you might pay dearly for elsewhere, this skirt is a fantastic find.

Bargain no. 5: Lovely navy dress for €10. I love the lace detail and drapey little sleeves. Again, this really doesn’t look like something that cost so little.

So there you have it, get yourself down to Dunnes today! To see a list of Dunnes Stores locations click here.


One response to “Dunneseys

  1. I completely agree , all great stuff, and more importanrly, amazing bargains.

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