Pretty necklaces and things

I must apologise for leaving it so long without posting but I’ve set up a new photo-a-day blog and that’s been taking up some of my time…

Any how, there are some things that need to be blogged about and so I have returned to share with you! I’ve been very excited by the selection of lovely necklaces and accessories to be found at the moment. Miss Selfridge have a good selection of stuff right now and recently I got myself a lovely owl necklace for only €7. And on the Miss Selfridge website they have some rings with a tea cup or tea pot on them, which look really cool. I haven’t seen these in shops but perhaps they’re on their way in.

There seems to be a bit of a doll house theme going around at the moment. In House of Fraser I got a cool chair pendant from the shop Therapy. Despite the unfortunate name, there are a few nice finds in here both in terms of clothes and jewelery.

I’ve just recently come across the Hannah Zakari website, which I really like. This site is home to a load of creative sorts selling their unusual and quirky creations. There are lots of really nice necklaces and other accessories here. I’m liking this tea pot brooch by artist/designer Brendan Fan who also has some pretty great art on his website too, it’s very funny and accessible, I’d recommend.

Image taken from

I’ve also seen some interesting bird cage pendants in Topshop. There are some lovely ones to be found on the internet too, like this one below from the website Folksy. This site is well worth checking out as well, it’s like a flee market on the internet.

Image taken from

And last but not least I feel I should mention the abundance of lovely vintage style, watch pendants floating around. These have been around for a while now and don’t look like they’re going anywhere soon. Urban Outfitters is awash with them, River Island too and for a good bit cheaper (see the picture below). Topshop also have a selection. At this stage Penneys might even have them and I wouldn’t even mind if everyone was wearing one, cos they’re just that nice!


2 responses to “Pretty necklaces and things

  1. Beautiful. I want all of those necklaces. ‘Spesh the owl one. Fab.

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