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short and sweet

There are a fair few different versions of the stort skirt with elasticated waist and pockets theme on the high street at the moment. I loved the American Apparel skirts but hated their prices so I was very pleased to find similar versions in Zara at bargain prices. These skirts come in a few different colours (navy, black, red, light pink and grey as far as i remember) as well as some floral patterns. They cost only 7.95 so you can’t go too far wrong either.

There is also a lovely floral printed version of this basic pattern in Urban Outfitters at the moment and it’s on sale too so no complaints here.

And that’s the long and the short of it I suppose.

Cath Kidston

I’m always slightly surprised at how much good old-fashioned, natural scenery can change my mood. Whether it’s a good amble in the park, drive in the mountains or even a little sit in the back garden, without fail, I’m left feeling happier and more uplifted than before. And at the moment everything is in bloom and is especially lovely.

It’s no surprise that floral patterns are always so popular. Recently I had the pleasure to venture into Cath Kidston, a shop whose designs transfer the feel good cheerfulness of spring/summer-time flowers into their products and onto their customers.

(Image taken from Cath Kidston website.)

I was very satisfied browsing through the different sections of the shop, which ranged from home-wares to greeting cards, clothes, bags, purses, jewellery, fabric as well of a little bit of anything else you might think of. And I even managed to find some lovely badges. And for only €1.50!!

I also really liked the selection of postcards and greeting cards, of which I bought two at 50c each – bargain.

Kath Kidston stores can be found in Dundrum Town Centre, Dublin  and Kildare Village, check them out for yourself.

Dublin Flea Market

I visited the Dublin Flea Market for the first time this afternoon and had a wonderful time indeed.  I got a t-shirt for €1, a lovely brooch and (my favourite out of the lot) a teapot pendant.

The market runs on the last Sunday of every month and, judging from today’s turn out, is altogether a very popular affair. If you missed out on today’s market and just can’t wait a whole month for the next one to get your hands on this beautiful selection of  ‘Afternoon Tea’ jewelery, you can also purchase online at Etsy.

There was also a great little stand selling a very nice and slightly unusual assortment of badges, hair clips, earrings etc. Here is a picture of the badge I bought.

To check out more stuff by this seller click here. Or check out their blog here.

At the market in general, you can expect to find typical market-ey things such as stalls selling  the likes of second-hand and vintage clothes, art, crafts, furniture as well as delicious food.  For more details check out the Dublin Flea Market blog here.

(Image of pendant obtained from

Nice t-shirts

I was in Urban Outfitters the other day and came across their selection of graphic tees which I really quite liked. Usually I wouldn’t bother spending very long looking at the t-shirts in UO as I’d rarely be able to justify spending the guts of €40 on one. But perhaps in this case an exception will have to be made! Below are my favourites costing €37 each:

Lovely shoes

I was shopping in Dundrum today and decided to go into the shoe shop Aldo. Somehow I had always presumed this was a shop selling shoes for old ladies, but upon inspecting the wares, I found myself happily mistaken. I was particularly drawn to their selection brogues and am now trying to make the difficult decision of which pair (or pairs!) to go for.

Check out their UK website here and click here for one of the pairs I have my eye on.

Badges and Brooches

April 8, 2010

I thought I’d begin my debut onto this fashion/arts/everything deadly blog, by writing about something that I think is deadly – badges. Badges (and brooches) are in my opinion one of the best accessories you can get; whether you wanna add a bit of coolness to your collar, bring some bling to your bag or simply class up your ass, this is a fine way to go about it. My only word of advice would be to use sparingly on clothes…unless you’re going for a ‘TGI Friday’s employee’ look.

On the high street, check out Topshop for some playful girly brooches (click here) and Accessorize/Monsoon for some more fancy stuff (click here).

On the internet go to for a huge selection of button badges with some really lovely designs, Lara Allport’s badges are among my favourites on the site. is also worth having a look at. This site is home to various sellers with mostly hand-made things on offer. If you’re looking for something a little bit different, this is the place to go.